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• 18 juin 2019

If there are two things Josh Donaldson does not like, they’re striking Jon Gray Jersey out and being chastised. He got both early Wednesday against the Yankees.After going down on strikes against CC Sabathia in the first inning, Donaldson walked back to the Blue Jays dugout and threwhis bat in frustration. Manager John Gibbons, obviously displeased with the reigning AL MVP’s display, stepped to the slugger to likely tell him to grow up.Josh Donaldson and John Gibbons with a heated exchange in the dugout, after Donaldson K’s, throws bat. #BlueJays Faizal Khamisa (@SNFaizalKhamisa) August 17, 2016Donaldson, still upset about the whole striking out deal, wentback and forth with Gibbons before a trio of teammates separated the two.The two managed to mend their relationship by the fifth Wade Davis Jersey inning when Gibbons low-fived Donaldson after he scored on a Ru sell Martin double.Josh Donaldson & John Gibbons, are friends again. They decided on roast beef for dinner. #BlueJays #OurMoment Big Will (@WillontheRadio) August 17, 2016Continuing the wild day, Donaldson was injured the next inning when he was jammed by a pitch. He took himself out of the game.